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Expo Axis

2017/09/13 13:48
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The Expo Axis is the main entrance and main axis of Shanghai World Expo in 2010. It has two floors on the ground and is a semi open building. Expo Axis is one of the five permanent buildings of one axis and four Pavilion in World Expo. It is a large commercial and traffic complex which integrates business, catering, entertainment, exhibition and other services. The Expo Axis Expo is the largest single project, by the Shanghai Expo Land Holdings Limited is responsible for the construction, designed by the German SBA company, Shanghai East China Architectural Design & Research Institute and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute to complete the construction design, the project is located in Pudong Expo Park district center, North and South is 1045m long, 99.5m-110.5m wide and 80m on the ground. Base area of 136 thousand M, total construction area of 252 thousand M, the total cost of nearly 3 billion, for the bird's nest and the sum of the water cube.......

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