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What are the characteristics of mineral cables? (on)

What are the characteristics of mineral cables? (on)

Mineral cable product characteristics

1. Fire prevention

Hongsheng: Since the mineral cables are all made of inorganic materials (metallic copper and magnesium oxide powder), they will not cause fire, and cannot burn or support combustion. Because the melting point of copper is 1083°C, the mineral insulation layer is also above 1000°C. Melting point. Therefore, this kind of cable can continue to maintain power supply in the case of a fire close to the melting point of copper, and it is a fireproof cable in a sense. And can pass BS6387 C, W, Z test.

2. Hongsheng: explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant

Explosion-proof characteristics: Because mineral cables use metal sheaths as the protective layer, flammable gas, oil vapor, and flames cannot reach the electrical equipment connected to the cable, so the cable has explosion-proof characteristics.

Corrosion resistance: Because copper has good corrosion resistance, it does not require any additional protection under normal use environments. Under special environmental conditions, such as an environment that has a strong corrosive effect on copper, the outside of the cable Add a layer of PVC outer sheath, so the cable has good corrosion resistance.

3. Hongsheng: mineral cable is resistant to mechanical damage, long life, halogen-free and non-toxic

Resistance to mechanical damage: Because the metal sheath of the cable has certain strength and toughness, when the cable is deformed such as bending, flattening, torsion, etc., the relative position between the core wires and between the core wire and the sheath remains unchanged. There will be no short circuit, nor will it affect the electrical performance.

Long lifespan: Since the materials used in the cables are all inorganic materials, they will not age. Its service life can be calculated according to the rate of oxidation and corrosion of the copper sheath. According to the data, it takes 257 years for the sheath to oxidize to 0.25mm at an ambient temperature of 250℃, while the sheath thickness of mineral insulated cables is generally between 0.34-1.05, and the service temperature is lower than 250℃, so the cable has Features of long life.

Halogen-free and non-toxic: Since the cables are all made of inorganic materials (metallic copper and mineral insulating layers), they will not produce smoke, halogens and toxic gases even if they are burned at a high temperature of 1000 ℃. It is a halogen-free and non-toxic cable in the sense .


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