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What are the characteristics of mineral cables? (under)

What are the characteristics of mineral cables? (under)

Four, large current carrying capacity, waterproof

Hongsheng: Since the actual normal operating temperature of mineral cables can reach 250°C, IEC60702 stipulates that the continuous operating temperature of mineral insulated cables is 105°C. This is due to the needs of terminal sealing materials and safety. Even so, its current-carrying capacity is still far More than other cables, because mineral insulation has a better thermal conductivity than plastic, so the same working temperature, higher current carrying capacity. For lines above 16mm2, one section can be reduced, and for places where human contact is not allowed, two sections can be reduced.

5. Hongsheng: The mineral cable is overload resistant, and the copper sheath can be used as a grounding wire

Overload resistance: Since the melting point of copper is 1083°C and the melting point of mineral insulation layer is above 1000°C, compared with ordinary plastic cables, the current carrying capacity of mineral insulated cables can be increased by one cross-sectional level, while being able to withstand considerable overloads. The capacity can reach more than 10 times the normal carrying capacity.

Copper sheath can be used as a grounding wire: For mineral insulated cables, due to the continuity of the copper sheath and extremely low grounding resistance, it can be used as a grounding wire without a separate grounding wire.

Sixth, the use of mineral cables:

Due to the excellent performance of mineral insulated cables, it is suitable for fire protection and the following lines with a rated voltage of 1000V and below:

General lighting
Emergency lighting circuit
Emergency broadcast line
Emergency elevator and lifting equipment lines
Fire alarm control circuit
Computer room control line
Fire-fighting electrical wiring
Transmission line of generator room
Power supply lines that cannot be cut off
Dual power supply control circuit
Illumination lines in public places
Main/sub-dry distribution system lines
Illumination line of scenic spots and historical sites
High temperature environment power and control circuit
Oil pump circuit
Lines in potentially dangerous explosive areas.


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