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Introduction of mineral cable

Introduction of mineral cable


Hongsheng: Mineral cable, a copper conductor core wire wrapped with a copper sheath, and magnesium oxide powder as an inorganic insulating material to isolate the conductor from the sheath. The outer layer can be appropriately selected as needed. Commonly known as MICC or MI cable. There is a similar cable that uses metal instead of copper sheath to wrap the core wire and insulating material, which is called mineral insulated metal sheathed cable.

Development and current situation

Hongsheng: In 1896, mineral cables originated in Switzerland, spread to France in 1934, and began to spread in Britain and the United States in 1936. Because of its excellent fire resistance, it is widely used, including the domestic testing standard BS6387 for various mineral cables, which is also the British standard used. Up to this point, all mentioned are rigid cables. After MI cables were introduced into the country, due to its higher production cost restrictions, there were fewer initial manufacturers and users. It was not until GB/T50016 was implemented in 2015. It is clearly required that MI cables are compulsorily used in fire-fighting lines. So far, MI cables have ushered in the spring in China.

The meaning of mineral cable

Hongsheng: According to the structure, it can be divided into rigid and flexible. According to the standard, it can be divided into national standard cable (rigid) and enterprise standard cable (flexible). Rigid mineral cables have old national standards. As the name suggests, they are extremely difficult to bend and have great limitations in transportation and installation. Flexible mineral cables RTTZ have the national standard GB/T 34926-2017. The rest of the models have standards developed by various companies and manufacturers. High and low, the quality is uneven.

There are only six types of national standard rigid cables: BTTQ, BTTVQ, WD-BTTYQ for light load 500V, and BTTZ, BTTVZ, WD-BTTYZ for heavy load 750V

Types of national standard flexible cables: RTTZ, RTTYZ, RTTVZ, voltage levels: 0.6/1kV or 450/750V
The rest of the flexible cable models are named by each manufacturer. The common ones are BTWTZ, GAN-BTGYZ, BTLY, NG-A, etc., totaling more than a dozen types.

Article 2.0.1 of "JGJ232-2011 Mineral Cable Laying Technical Regulations" states: mineral insulated cables are cables with ordinary annealed copper as the conductor, dense magnesium oxide as the insulating material, and ordinary annealed copper or copper alloy materials as the sheath.


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