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What should be paid attention to during the transportation and storage of mineral cables?

What should be paid attention to during the transportation and storage of mineral cables?

The main difference between mineral cables and other ordinary cables is that high-energy electron beams (rays) generated by high-power electron accelerators are used in production to cross-link specially formulated inorganic compounds, so that the cables can withstand up to 125 operating temperatures. Mineral cables have greatly improved fire resistance while maintaining flexibility.
Under the working condition of 1000 volt load, it can withstand 950 and 3 hours of burning, and has the functions of spraying resistance and mechanical shock resistance. Mineral cables have the characteristics of large current carrying capacity, waterproof, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, high working temperature, corrosion resistance and overload protection, so their service life is longer than traditional cables.
In the current building power distribution system, the application of mineral insulated cables is becoming more and more extensive. Its fire resistance, durability, safety, reliability and economy cannot be replaced by traditional power cables.
Mineral cable product features: excellent fire resistance, long continuous length, large interface and good flexibility. It is smokeless and non-toxic during combustion, has strong overload capacity, corrosion resistance, good performance, safety and reliability, long service life, simple installation and low investment cost.
The use of mineral cables:
1. Power supply for fire-fighting equipment in various buildings;
2. Power supply for important buildings or crowded places;
3. The power supply of equipment in places with high ambient temperature;
4. Power supply for equipment in flammable and explosive environment;
5. Places requiring special cleanliness and sanitation such as power supply for equipment such as hospitals and food companies;
Transport and storage of mineral cables:
1. During transportation, the cable is protected from mechanical shock, rain and snow, and moisture;
2. The cable should be stored in a dry warehouse. At the same time, there must be no harmful substances or air that damage cables in the warehouse.
3. The cables at the construction site should be stored in a dry place;
4. After the construction is completed, the remaining cable ends should be sealed and reliably stored.

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