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How to install the mineral cable?

How to install the mineral cable?

A mineral insulated cable is a cable in which a copper conductor core is wrapped with a copper sheath, and magnesium oxide powder is used as an inorganic insulating material to isolate the conductor from the sheath. The outermost layer can be selected according to the needs of the appropriate protective cover.
Mineral insulated cables have good high temperature resistance and can also be used in tropical areas. At the same time, it also has good cold resistance and can be used in ultra-low temperature environments. It will not harden and break at low temperatures. This product has a high oxygen index, a small flame propagation range and less smoke.
Installation method of mineral insulated cable:
1. According to the required length, use a pipe cutter to cut a trace on the cable.
2. Use a pair of diagonal pliers to twist the copper sheath of the sheath clockwise between the jaws, clamp the edge of the sheath copper step by step, and rotate and peel the sheath copper at a small angle until the cut mark is reached.
3. Use a clean dry cloth to thoroughly remove the magnesium oxide insulation material on the exposed wires, then put the wire harness head on the cable, and screw the brass sealing cup vertically on the copper sheath of the cable sheath. At the beginning, twist it by hand and slide the tying head on the sealed cup to check the verticality of the sealed cup. After it is truly vertical, clamp the knurled seat of the sealed cup with the pipe wire clamp, and continue to install until the end of the tiger skin is lower than the partial thread in the sealed cup!
4. At the approximate distance, starting from the cable trip, use a blowtorch flame to heat the cable 600 mm, and continue to move the flame to the open end of the cable to remove moisture. Remember to only move the flame to the open end of the cable, otherwise moisture will enter the cable.
5. Use an ohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the iron core and the iron core and between the iron core and the sheath. If the measurement results meet the requirements, the sealing paste can be poured into the sealed cup.
6. Note that the sealing paste should be added gradually from one side, not too fast to exhaust air. When the sealing paste is completely filled, press the lid of the cup, and then cover the wire core with a heat shrinkable tube.


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