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The performance and application prospects of mineral cables

The performance and application prospects of mineral cables

Mineral cables have a wide range of use space in modern power distribution systems, and their fire resistance, durability, safety, reliability, ease of construction, and economy cannot be replaced by traditional power cables.

Mineral cable is an inorganic cable. The outer layer of the cable is a seamless copper sheath, and a dense magnesium oxide insulation layer is arranged between the sheath and the metal core. According to different uses, it can be divided into distribution cables, heating cables and heating elements, thermocouple cables and compensation cables, and special cables. Among them, distribution cables are the most commonly used cables in practical applications.

The mineral cable is easy to construct. Under the same cross section, the outer diameter, volume and weight of mineral insulated cables are much smaller than traditional cables. According to calculations by scholars, in 1050A three-phase AC lines, mineral insulated cables are 30% lighter and 67% smaller than rubber insulated cables. According to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), mineral insulated cables are 60% lighter than other cables and require 80% less space. In addition, the allowable bending radius of mineral insulated cables is much smaller than other cables. According to different specifications, the bending radius is between 2-6 times the cable outer diameter, which is much smaller than traditional cables. Therefore, the installation requirements are looser than traditional cables and require less space. Small, low labor intensity, and construction convenience is far better than traditional cables.

Mineral insulated cables have been widely used in high-rise buildings, petrochemicals, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping centers, parking lots and other places. The application prospect is broad.


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