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Advantages of mineral cables

Advantages of mineral cables

Because all the materials of the mineral cable are inorganic materials, it has some advantages that other cables do not have.

1. Fire resistance

From 010 to 1504, the two materials used in China, copper and mineral insulation, were both inorganic. This kind of cable will not burn or support burning, and can continue to work under conditions close to the flame. The copper sheath melted at 1083.

2. High working temperature

The mineral cable can withstand a continuous working temperature of up to 250. In addition, in an emergency, the cable can continue to work in a short period of time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper sheath.

3. Long service life

The inorganic materials used in mineral cables can ensure the stability, long life and fire resistance of the cables.

4. Explosion-proof

The mineral cable is a highly compacted insulating material that prevents steam, gas and flames from passing between the equipment parts connected to the cable.

5. Small outer diameter

The diameter of the mineral cable is smaller than other cables with the same rated current.

6. Waterproof material

If the mineral cable is completely immersed in the water, the mineral insulated cable can continue to use its seamless metal sheath.

7. High mechanical strength

The mineral cable is durable and can withstand severe mechanical damage without compromising its electrical performance.

8. Large current carrying capacity

For cables with the same cross-section, mineral cables transmit higher currents than other types of cables. At the same time, mineral insulated cables can withstand considerable overloads.

9. Short-circuit fault level

At the same temperature, the short-circuit failure rate of mineral cables is significantly higher than that of other types of cables.

10. Ground

For mineral cables, a separate grounding conductor is not required, because the copper sheath used in the cable acts as a grounding conductor and can provide good low grounding resistance. As far as ESR wiring is concerned, the outer copper sheath can be used as the grounding and neutral conductor in the multi-grounding middle-centre system.

11. High corrosion resistance

The copper sheath of the mineral cable has high corrosion resistance, and for most equipment, it does not need to take additional protective measures. Where the copper sheath of the cable is susceptible to chemical corrosion or serious industrial pollution, the mineral insulated cable should be protected by a plastic outer sheath.

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