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The difference between mineral cable and ordinary cable

The difference between mineral cable and ordinary cable

The mineral cable middle connector is adopted, and the terminal adopts the cable terminal head, and the terminal has a wiring board, which can be connected with the bus bar and the wiring board of the equipment.

Mineral insulated cable (MI cable for short), as a distribution cable, is usually called magnesium cable or fire-resistant cable in China. It is a copper core copper sheathed cable with mineral magnesium oxide powder as the insulating material. The mineral insulated cable consists of Copper conductor, magnesium oxide and copper sheath are composed of two inorganic materials

The differences between mineral cables and ordinary cables are compared from the following aspects

I. Cable assembly

Mineral cable: copper core, magnesium oxide insulation layer, copper sheath, anticorrosive sheath.

Ordinary cable: copper core plastic sheath.

Two, performance comparison

Mineral cable: Will not burn, support combustion, and do not produce harmful gases. It can maintain normal power supply for 3 hours at a flame temperature of 1000, with strong electrical stability, long service life and large current carrying capacity.

Ordinary cables: easy to burn and flame retardant, which will cause harmful gases to endanger lives. When a fire occurs, the escape system cannot supply power normally, has a small current carrying capacity, high maintenance costs, is prone to aging, and has a short service life.

Third, price comparison

The price of mineral insulated cables is 1-5 times that of ordinary cables, subject to the quotation of mineral insulated cable manufacturers.

So, where do you need to use mineral cables?

General lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm, fire protection circuit, emergency elevator and lifting equipment circuit, machine room control circuit, trunk   dry distribution system circuit, dual power supply control circuit, smoke emission and ventilation circuit, high-power circuit, potential hazard Places such as explosive circuits, as well as power transmission circuits in generator rooms.

High-rise buildings, petrochemicals, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping malls, parking lots and other occasions.

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