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Mineral cables: the advantages of mineral cables

Mineral cables: the advantages of mineral cables

All materials of mineral cables are made of inorganic materials, so they have advantages that other cables do not have.

1. High operating temperature: The continuous operating temperature of the mineral cable is as high as 250°C. In addition, in an emergency, the cable can continue to operate in a short time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper sheath (the copper sheath melts at 1083°C). .

2. Long life: inorganic materials suitable for mineral insulated cables, to ensure the stability and fire resistance of the cables, and to ensure the life of the cables.

3. Explosion-proof: The highly compacted insulating material in the mineral cable prevents steam, gas and flame from passing between the equipment parts connected by the cable.

4. Small outer diameter: The diameter of the mineral cable is smaller than other cables with the same rated current. The mineral cable is completely immersed in water, and its seamless metal sheath allows the mineral insulated cable to continue to operate.

5. High mechanical strength: The mineral cable is strong and durable, does not damage the electrical performance, and can withstand severe mechanical damage.

6. Large carrying capacity: For cables of the same cross-section, mineral insulated cables can transmit higher currents than other types of cables. At the same time, mineral insulated cables can also withstand considerable overloads.

7. Short-circuit fault rating: The short-circuit fault rating of mineral insulated cables at the same temperature is significantly higher than that of other types of cables.

8. Grounding: For mineral insulated cables, no separate grounding wire is required. The copper sheath used in the cable has already played the role of a ground wire and can provide a good low ground resistance. In the grounding skin circuit (ESR) wiring, the outer copper sheath can be used as the grounding and neutral conductor in the multi-arrangement network (men) system.

9. High corrosion resistance: The copper sheath of the mineral insulated cable has high corrosion resistance, and there is no need to take additional protective measures for many devices. In places where the copper sheath of the cable is susceptible to chemical corrosion and industrial pollution, please use a plastic outer sheath to protect the mineral insulated cable.

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