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Cable: What factors affect the life of rubber sheathed cables?

Cable: What factors affect the life of rubber sheathed cables?

Nowadays, the popularity of electricity in our country is very high. Rubber sheathed cables have penetrated into all walks of life. The service life of the cable directly affects production safety. The service life of the cable depends on the oxidation induction time of the sheath material. The design service life of rubber sheathed cables is generally 20 years, and the actual service life is much longer than this value. The most direct cause of cable aging is damage to the insulation layer. There are many factors that can cause the insulation of the cable to decrease. Based on actual operating experience, summarize the following situations. To

1. Insufficient moisture resistance

This situation is also very common, usually when directly buried in the pipeline or cable joints. For example, if the cable connector is unqualified or manufactured in a humid environment, water or steam will enter the connector and form water branches for a long time under the action of the electric field, gradually destroying the insulation strength of the cable and causing failure.

2. Damaged by external force

Judging from the operation analysis in recent years, especially in today's rapid economic development, a considerable number of electrical rubber cable failures are caused by mechanical damage.

3. Long-term overload operation

In the overload operation, due to the heating effect of the current, when the load current passes through the cable, it will inevitably cause the conductor to heat up. At the same time, the skin effect of the charge, the eddy current loss of the steel armor and the dielectric loss of the insulator will also generate additional heat, thereby increasing the temperature of the cable. Long-term overload operation, high temperature will accelerate insulation aging, and even insulation breakdown. Especially in the hot summer, the temperature rise of the cable usually causes the first breakdown of the weak part of the cable insulation. Therefore, in summer, there will be more failures of sheathed rubber cables.

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