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Cables: identification of low-smoke and halogen-free power cables

Cables: identification of low-smoke and halogen-free power cables

Low-smoke and halogen-free power cables can also be called environmentally friendly cables, and low-smoke and halogen-free cables are mostly used in hospitals and places that have strict requirements on environmental sanitation.

The identification of low-smoke and halogen-free power cables mainly lies in the identification of insulating materials

According to the choice of different materials, whether it is easy to burn, judge whether it is a flame-retardant wire-ZRBV or through a flame-retardant power system cable-ZRYJV...According to whether the company has combustion, distinguish its flame color; whether it emits smoke, and how much smoke to analyze Judge whether it is a low-smoke halogen-free power engineering cable-if WDZ-YJV is available, distinguish the color of the smoke, such as: clear smoke or smoke containing carbon ash; whether there is sol dripping, if so, see whether the sol system can Continue to improve combustion; and what kind of smell is produced when society burns.

Polytetrafluoroethylene: It softens and deforms when exposed to fire. It has a thin layer of Zouqu, contains a small amount of coke, has a slightly burnt smell, and is non-combustible.

PVC: Green flame cover, soften the smell of white smoke and hydrochloric acid, self-extinguishing plastic; put in water and sink.

PP: Blue face mask, transparent melting and burning zone, with dripping melt and smell of kerosene; floating in water.

General: black smoke, dripping glue, no scorch, odor nitrogen oxide compound, ductility.

Nylon: Blue cover, melting, scorching hair, self-extinguishing.

Tasteless, thick white smoke, white and residual ash, self-extinguishing.

Low-smoke halogen-free power cable specific gravity method

The method of density comparison is to place the plastic material in water based on the density of water. If it sinks, the density of the plastic is greater than that of water, and if it floats, it is less than that of water. This method can be combined with other methods

The above two types can simply test flame-retardant power cables, flame-retardant wires, low-smoke and halogen-free power cables, and low-smoke and halogen-free wires.

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