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Cable: Grounding method of steel wire armored cable

Cable: Grounding method of steel wire armored cable

The grounding diagram of a steel wire armored cable refers to a cable with a ring and different armor protection layers. In addition to the bending life of the equipment, the cable with armor layer should also have smooth tensile strength and compressive strength, and consider obstacles to reduce the anti-interference characteristics of the cable.
The armor used is different from steel tape, steel wire, aluminum tape, and aluminum tube. Steel tape and steel wire armor have higher magnetic permeability and can be used for magnetic shielding. The reason why it can effectively resist low-frequency interference, and the steel wire armored cable can be directly buried in the map, and it is also free from pipes, and at the same time it is cheap and good.
The reason why the wire armored cable grounding diagram equipment and the protective layer can be placed on the cables inside all the tree poles of the enterprise can be used to weaken the cable’s smoothness and weaken the ability to prevent corrosion. It means that it is vulnerable to machinery. Veto areas that are also vulnerable to weakening are the same through the installation of very cables. The reason why it is necessary to adopt all other research methods for the main laying is also applicable because we can directly bury the laying in some areas of the rock. The grounding diagram of the large steel wire armored cable is not the buried wire and cable. The power line transmission system power cable plus the armor layer must have smoother tensile strength and compressive strength. The working strength is in the equipment conditioning buckling. In addition to the utility of life, the armor has at least the characteristics of resistance to external forces, and the reason why it is bitten by mice will not become a power data transmission security problem through the armor. The bending radius of the armor has a greater impact. The reason why the armor layer is grounded to maintain the cable.
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