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Cable: some advantages of flexible fireproof cable

Cable: some advantages of flexible fireproof cable

Speaking of cables, many researchers have access to them in our daily learning and living environment, and need to use them frequently. It is used as a power quality or a signal transmission device, generally there are several or several groups. It is made up of wires and looks like a rope from the outside. Moreover, the development of each group of wires also has the effect of mutual influence and insulation, often around a central problem to be effectively twisted, and the entire society is covered with a thick and highly insulating covering layer, which has the characteristics of internal energization and external insulation. Today, I will lead you to understand and analyze some of the main advantages of flexible fireproof cables, and help you to better understand some related knowledge points of cables.
The flexible fireproof cable is especially fireproof, and the fireproof rating meets multiple standards and requirements. At the same time, it is resistant to water spray and direct mechanical impact during combustion. Its continuous length, whether it is a single-core cable or a multi-core cable, can meet the needs of power supply length, and the length can reach 2 kilometers. Its large cross-section single core can reach 1000 square millimeters, and multi-core cables can reach 240 square millimeters. From the name, we can see that this kind of cable is flexible and can be directly on the computer disk. The bending radius is greater than or equal to 20D, and D is the outer diameter of the cable.
If there is no harmful gas, there will be no smoke when the electrical switch is accidentally burned. This is because its insulating layer is a non-combustible material, and there will be no secondary pollution, so its cross-sectional capacity is too large, so it is very environmentally friendly. Green factory, so it not only has a relatively large cross-sectional flow, but also has an overload capacity.
In addition to the above, the cable also has high-quality corrosion resistance. Sometimes the organic insulating outer layer can be directly introduced into the plastic pipe or the iron pipe, but the plastic is easy to age and become brittle, and the iron pipe is easy to rust. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the copper sleeve does not need to pass through the pipeline. If the copper sleeve is used, the corrosion performance will be better. This product has high safety, can continue to supply power normally in the flame, and can start the fire extinguishing equipment at any time, reducing the huge loss caused by the fire. At the same time, personal safety can be protected, because copper is a good conductor and also a good grounding wire. If you like, follow Hongsheng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., and hope to help everyone.
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