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Mineral cables: analysis of common causes of wire and cable failures

Mineral cables: analysis of common causes of wire and cable failures

It is reported that the direct cause of the failure of the wire and cable is the breakdown of the insulation capacity. There are many factors that lead to the reduction of conductive insulation. According to the actual work operation and management experience of the enterprise, it is nothing more than the following different situations. The editor of Hongsheng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. will take you to understand.

1. External damage.

2. Insulate moisture. For example, if the wire and cable connector is unqualified, the joints and joints can produce water or water vapor in humid weather. Under the action of electric field for a long time, the layered water tree is mixed, and the insulation strength gradually causes the damage of the cable failure. ...

3. The chemical structure of the mineral cable is corroded. In areas where the acid-alkali interactions are promoted, due to the long-term development of the enterprise, the armored cables, wires or corrosion protection layers that suffer from various chemical or electrochemical corrosions can often be caused by the outer protection layer, resulting in poor insulation of the protection layer, and The impact caused the network cable to malfunction. ...

4. Long-term overload operation. Due to the effect of current, the thermal effect of the load current through the wire and cable will inevitably cause the conductor to heat up. At the same time, the skin effect of the charge and the eddy current loss, and the dielectric loss of the steel armor will also generate additional heat, which will increase the temperature of the cable.

5. The cable connector is faulty. Wire and cable joints are the weak link often caused by the failure of cable joints and are directly ignored. In the manufacturing method of the cable joint, if the crimping is not tight and the heating is insufficient, the insulation of the cable joint will be reduced and an accident may be caused.

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