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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

  Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is the first 300,000 kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant designed, constructed, operated and managed by China. It is located in Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is 100% controlled by China National Nuclear Corporation, and Qinshan Nuclear Power Company is responsible for operation and management.
  Qinshan Nuclear Power Station adopts the world's most mature pressurized water reactor. The nuclear island adopts three barriers: fuel cladding, pressure shell and containment, which can withstand internal pressure, high temperature and various natural disasters caused by extreme accidents. The first phase of the project started in 1984 and was completed and put into operation in 1991. The annual power generation capacity is 1.7 billion kWh. In the second phase of the project, two 600,000 kilowatt generator sets will be expanded on the original site, and construction has started in 1996. The third phase of the project is a cooperation between the Chinese and Canadian governments, using heavy water reactor technology provided by Canada to build two 700,000 kilowatt generator sets, which were completed in 2003.....

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