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Cables: common problems of high-voltage cables caused by manufacturers

Cables: common problems of high-voltage cables caused by manufacturers

Manufacturer's manufacturing reasons The manufacturer's manufacturing reasons can be divided into three categories according to different locations: cable body reasons, cable joint reasons and cable grounding system reasons.
1. Cable grounding management system The design of the cable grounding control system includes the cable grounding box, the cable grounding protection box (with protective layer protector), the cable cross interconnection box, and the protective layer protector. Generally speaking, the main reason for the problems that are likely to occur is that the box body is not well sealed and the water enters the ground, which leads to multiple grounding, which causes the induced current of other metal sheaths to be excessive. In addition, the parameters of the protective layer protector can be selected from some unreasonable or poor quality development. The unstable zinc oxide crystals will easily cause the protective layer protector to be damaged.
2. Reasons for cable body manufacturing Generally, problems such as eccentric insulation, uneven thickness of insulation shielding layer, insulation impurities, protruding internal and external shielding, uneven crosslinking, dampness of the cable, and poor sealing of the cable metal sheath are prone to occur during the cable production process.
3. Reasons for the manufacture of cable joints. High-voltage cable connectors used in the past, such as package type, molding type, and molding type, require on-site production workload. However, due to the limitations of site conditions and production technology, air gaps and gaps will inevitably occur in the insulating tape layer. Impurities, so it is prone to problems. The types commonly used in China are assembled and prefabricated. Cable connectors are divided into cable terminal connectors and cable indirect connectors. Regardless of the connector form, cable joint failures generally appear in the cable insulated shielded socket, because this is the part where electrical stress is concentrated, and the cable joint fails due to manufacturing reasons. There are manufacturing defects of stress cones, insulation packing problems, oil leakage of the sealing ring, etc.
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