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Shanghai Metro Line 2

Shanghai Metro Line 2

  Shanghai Metro Line 2 is the second underground railway line in Shanghai. It is operated by Shanghai Metro Second Operation Co., Ltd., which was officially opened to traffic on June 11, 2000. Since then, the underground stations of the east extension section, west extension section, east extension section, west west extension section, Hongqiao Railway Station and Zhangjiang High-tech Station have been opened successively. From Qingpu East Xujing Station in the west, passing Nanjing Road, crossing the Huangpu River, arriving at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New Area, and then passing through Tangzhen, Chuansha and other places, and finally arriving at Pudong International Airport. As of August 2014, the line has a total length of 64 kilometers, a total of 30 stations, including 9 transfer stations, and 3 depots on Longyang Road, Chuansha Parking Lot and Beidi Road. ...

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