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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

2017/09/13 13:42
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Qinshan nuclear power station is the first 300 thousand KW PWR nuclear power station designed, constructed and operated in China, which is located in Haiyan County, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. By China National Nuclear Corporation 100% holding, Qinshan nuclear power company is responsible for operation and management.
Qinshan nuclear power station adopts the world's mature pressurized water reactor, the nuclear island using fuel cladding, pressure shell and containment 3 barriers, can withstand the extreme accidents caused by internal pressure, high temperature and various natural disasters. The first phase of the project started in 1984 and was put into operation in 1991. The annual generating capacity is 1 billion 700 million kwh. The two phase of the project will extend 2 units of 600 thousand KW on the site, which has been started in 1996. The three phase of the project, in cooperation with the Chinese and Canadian governments, uses the Canadian heavy water reactor technology to build two 700 thousand KW generating units, which was completed in 2003.